There are FOUR ways we work with organizations:

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy Sessions are recommended when you are seeking to define your strategy as you create or revamp your brand.

This session delivers clarity, a positioning strategy, a strategic approach to telling your story online, and an assessment of your current brand identity and online presence.

Please note: Brand Guidelines, Campaign Development and Brand Identity Design might follow this session if applicable.

How it Works:

The main stakeholders are invited for a deep-dive strategy session to brainstorm topics that include: Brand Values, Brand Statements, Unique Value Proposition, Audience Definition, etc. Note: The Session will be defined based on your unique needs.

You will receive a deliverable with our findings and recommendations following the session.

The session can be remote or in-person (South Florida or available for travel).

Brand Identity & Web Design

The Brand Identity Design package is best when you are ready to launch or revamp your brand and brand elements.

We strongly believe that a strategic, holistic brand experience is the key to equipping you with the right tools you need to thrive. All of our designs are rooted in a sound strategy, based on your unique value. You not only walk out with a logo or website that you love, but with a sense of purpose and a vision of your place in the world.

A strong and authentic brand identity brings you credibility, attracts the right clients and employees, and improves marketing and advertising results.

As a result of this process you receive customized deliverables based on your specific needs.

How it Works:

We begin with a Brand Strategy Session. The design process averages 3-4 weeks to complete.

AI Consultations and Training

Discover the limitless possibilities of artificial intelligence. Our consultations and training focus on what’s most important to you and your business.

From social media content creation to product concepts and beyond, we’ve got you covered. Choose the specific area you want to focus on during our completely customized session.

Whether you want to commission work or explore how to master AI yourself, we’ll help you achieve your goals leveraging Midjourney and ChatGTP in no time.

All sessions are recorded and sent to you for future reference. Corporate trainings are also available. Full details to be defined and shared as we begin our engagement.

Master Ai for:

Social Media Content ּ✧ Book Illustrations ✧ Packaging and Product Concepts ✧ Copywriting ✧ Research

For Entrepreneurs:
VIP Design Day

The VIP Design Day is for you if you are an entrepreneur or small business owner with a defined graphic design need.

Sometimes, there can be a need for support on a limited timeline and scope. In these cases, we work with select entrepreneurs in a special one-day experience.

We work together on a VIP Design Day to offer Graphic Design solutions such as presentation decks, business cards, and light brand revamps. 

How it Works:

We have a call at the beginning of the day to define the outline of the work that will be completed. There are two points throughout the day for sharing our progress and receiving your feedback. All work is delivered to you by 4PM.