Intentional branding for visionaries

We build brands that open new doors

We are a boutique marketing company that is equally passionate about delivering results as we are building authentic connections. Our intentional branding and design process is for purpose-driven brands with a focus on making a difference in communities throughout the world.

CEO and Creative Director Lilian Santini created Copper Portico on the belief that guiding clients to their higher vision creates extraordinary results and opens doors to new possibilities. We are committed to the success of our clients and delivering the highest quality services.

Copper Portico represents our dedication to supporting the creative process and bringing our client’s vision to life. We are driven by the desire to help our clients feel connected to their mission and empowered to elevate their impact.

The Woman Behind the Brand

As a creative director and CEO, Lilian Santini brings over a decade of experience helping entrepreneurs and world-renowned companies create dynamic visual brands with a clear message and strong online presence.

Born in Brazil, Lilian is a multicultural marketer who is fluent in Brazilian Portuguese, English and Spanish. It was the gift of language that enabled Lilian to move to New York City where she launched her career working with educational and cultural institutions. Those organizations have been integral to Lilian’s personal and professional development and her connection to mission-driven organizations is an important part of the work she does today.

Moving to Miami ignited Lilian’s entrepreneurial drive and she embarked on a vision to create a marketing company that exceeds client’s expectations by offering personalized strategies and visual solutions to connect brands with their audiences through authenticity, courage and one-of-a kind aesthetics.

We Build Brands With Intention

We have experience working with entrepreneurs and organizations that do good around the world. Our branding and marketing approach is rooted in audience insights, brand messaging, marketing research and modern design.

As a female-led company, we have a passion for working with female-focused companies, as well as soulpreneurs and mystic brands that elevate the status of women.

Storytelling is the heart of what we do. Your voice matters. We help you uncover your why so you can create authentic connections with your audience that creates loyalty and inspires action.

Aesthetics are key to a great first impression, which is why we are relentless in pursuing the highest standards of design so your brand can stand out and rise above the noise.

Not every client is right for our process and we’re OK with that. If you’re committed to refining your brand and taking the extra step to make it shine, we want to co-create with you.

Our clients are committed to bringing their vision to life and making an impact in the world. And we are too.

Our Method

Our proven framework combines a strategic planning process that uncovers the essence of your brand, goals and customer’s needs. This step-by-step process is designed to elevate your brand’s voice, impact and narrative.


A message is only powerful when it reaches the right audience. Our discovery phase is designed to understand your customers, industry, opportunities and unique value.


We work with our clients to create a roadmap that provides a step-by-step plan for achieving their goals. We embrace ideas that break barriers and inspire action. No idea is too big for us!


We take your ideas and bring them to life through impactful and authentic storytelling, elevated design and a refined brand presence.


We know that it’s not enough to simply create your brand identity. We are committed to implementing your strategy and seeing it through.


Website Essentials: A Checklist for 2021

Designing a website that is beautiful, functional and aligned with your brand takes time and intention. Here’s a checklist of 10 items to keep in mind when planning a website design.

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