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Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

miami, US | 2024 | cultural institution

Imagine having a team so in tune with your brand's heartbeat that they anticipate your needs and translate them into tangible experiences. That's the story of Vizcaya Museum and Gardens and The Copper Portico. As their contracted design department, we're the creative backbone behind the brand's most memorable moments.

A Retainer Relationship That Delivers

The beauty of a retainer relationship is the synergy it creates. With Vizcaya, we’ve become more than a service provider; we’re part of the family. This closeness breeds consistency and quality that won awards and set new benchmarks for excellence.

What's next?

As we continue our journey with Vizcaya, our eyes are on the horizon. We’re already dreaming up the next series of designs that will captivate and engage. For us, every new project is a chance to innovate and celebrate the legacy that is Vizcaya.

The partnership between The Copper Portico and Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is a living proof that the right creative team doesn’t just complete projects—they elevate brands. We don’t wait for direction; we’re part of the conversation, helping to shape the future of an institution that shapes the cultural landscape of Miami.

If you’re intrigued by what a dedicated, retainer-based partnership can do for your brand, let’s chat. We’re not just making designs; we’re crafting stories, and we’d love to tell yours.


We’ve received the Award for Best Print Design on November 2021, by DesignRush, showcasing their 2021 Gala Program.