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Common Threads

November 27, 2021
Common Threads brand identity design

We collaborated with Common Threads, a national nonprofit committed to celebrating different cultures through food, while also promoting the importance of health and wellness. Common Threads aspires to build communities that embrace healthy cooking, healthy eating and celebration of culture.

The organization’s logo is a patchwork heart, which suggests a multicultural world. Their team wanted to revamp the brand creating a friendly, modern look that would show Common Thread’s evolution, but that was still connected with its original identity.

Staying aligned with the heart of Common Threads’ mission, we recreated the logo squares with rounded corners, with two sizes interspersed to create a patchwork effect in a modern way.

The new color palette reflects vibrant and friendly tones. The fonts chosen are clear and modern and the variety of font weights ensures flexibility and consistency for the future growth of Common Threads identity.

common threads brand identity
common threads brand identity

We paid special attention to the project’s photography, as it speaks louder than words. Effective branding includes a mix of premium stock photos and real, candid photos depicting the heart of an organization’s goal. Common Threads’ photography is positive, inspiring and eye-catching, leaving the viewer with an emotional connection to the campaign and what it stands for.