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April 1, 2022

Climate Change Observatory Network (CCO) is an organization based in Maine that engages, educates and invites all people to appreciate the environment and help protect, nurture and care for our land and water. In the face of climate change and its impact on our communities, we were proud to work on this project and design a brand identity that embodies their mission and vision. This project won NYX Awards for Best Logo Design, silver, in 2022.

We crafted a symbol for their logo inspired by the human eye, symbolizing the vision we have of the environment and also how we capture images, since an important part of CCO’s work is documented with photographs. The central C is slightly larger as it is positioned like the iris of an eye – inside it a landscape silhouette symbolizes nature. A circle divided into several fractions represents the terrestrial globe seen from above, showing that climate change affects the whole world. The circle also emphasizes the iris. Three simplified versions of the main logo were designed to make the logo responsive. 


Shades of blue and green were chosen for brand colors, keeping the land and the oceans in focus and creating a blend similar to weather forecast maps, in which colors shift as the temperature changes.

The font family recommended for all marketing and communications materials is Konnect, a clean and well-rounded font that conveys reliability and also speaks to the logo created.