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Anima Collective

miami, US | 2021 | women-led community

When the Anima Collective set out to reinvent themselves, they turned to The Copper Portico. The task was clear: revamp the brand to better reflect its mission and energy. Together, we brainstormed their new name and infused their values into a brand image that would resonate with their audience.

The Brand Reimagined

The Anima Collective’s new logo needed to be more than just aesthetically pleasing—it had to tell a story. We delivered with a design that captured both mystique and clarity, blending art deco flair with bold, modern shapes. The logo’s interlocking ‘A’s form a diamond, symbolizing growth and strength, with a subtle nod to the collective’s feminine roots.

A Colorful Conversation

Our chosen color palette wasn’t just about looking good—it was about feeling right. Dark greens and golds mixed with deep magentas and lilacs give the Anima Collective a distinct energy that’s inviting and powerful.

Speaking through Typography

We selected Mialgor for its modern edge, bringing a sense of stability and confidence to headings and key messages. For the finer details, we picked fonts that ensured every word on their website and printed materials was easy to read and impactful.

Designing an Online Home

Our work extended into the digital realm, where we crafted the web pages for The Anima Collective. Every page reflects their renewed brand, with intuitive navigation and engaging layouts that draw visitors into the Anima experience.

Imagery that Connects

The images we selected for Anima’s brand and website aren’t just placeholders—they’re an invitation. We focused on real, relatable visuals that showcase the diversity and vibrancy of The Anima Collective community.

What's Next for The Anima Collective

As The Anima Collective steps forward with their new brand, we’re right there with them, fine-tuning a digital presence that matches their offline identity. Our journey together is about keeping the brand as dynamic and engaging as the community they foster.

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