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Móveis HT

Minas Gerais, Brazil | 2024 | family-owned company

When Móveis HT approached The Copper Portico, they presented us with a unique challenge: to elevate a brand rich in tradition and craftsmanship to resonate with a modern audience. Our task was not just to refresh a logo or tweak a color palette, but to weave the story of a family legacy into a brand identity that would speak across continents.

Understanding the Heart of Móveis HT

Our journey with Móveis HT began not with sketches and color swatches, but with listening. We delved deep into the essence of Móveis HT – their roots in the rich soil of Minas Gerais, the legacy of Luiz José de Resende, and their commitment to quality and sustainability. This understanding was crucial in shaping our strategy.

The Copper Portico’s Creative Alchemy

The transformation required a delicate balance. Our design team envisioned a logo that was a modern nod to the past – a sleek, abstract interpretation of the initials “HT,” infused with the warmth and tradition of Minas Gerais. It wasn’t just a logo; it was a symbol of evolution.

In choosing the color palette, we sought to encapsulate the essence of Móveis HT’s heritage. The earthy browns and vibrant greens and blues were more than just colors – they were a narrative in themselves, telling a story of warmth, trust, and nature.

Typography was another critical element. We selected fonts that were clear and legible yet carried the weight of tradition. This choice ensured that Móveis HT’s message was not lost in translation, whether in print or digital.

Addressing Customer Pain Points

Our strategy extended beyond aesthetics. We knew Móveis HT’s audience faced dilemmas – from the high cost of quality furniture to concerns about sustainability. Our marketing strategy addressed these pain points head-on, showcasing Móveis HT’s commitment to quality, durability, and environmental responsibility.

The Result: A Brand Reborn

The transformation of Móveis HT by The Copper Portico was more than a rebranding; it was a renaissance. The new brand identity resonated with customers, old and new, as a symbol of both tradition and innovation. It wasn’t just about selling furniture; it was about selling a story – a story of a home, heritage, and heart.

Why The Copper Portico?

This case study isn’t just about Móveis HT’s journey; it’s a testament to what The Copper Portico can achieve. We don’t just see a brand; we see a legacy waiting to be unveiled. Our approach is meticulous, our creativity boundless, and our strategies tailored to echo the voices of the brands we elevate.

When you partner with us, you’re not just getting a branding agency; you’re gaining a collaborator in crafting your legacy. Whether it’s reimagining a logo or redefining a brand’s narrative, our mission is to tell your story in a way that resonates with the world.