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Fort Lauderdale, US | 2022 | Body & Bath products

lani.xo is a self care brand that encourages a balanced lifestyle for busy women.


lani.xo is a self care brand that encourages a balanced lifestyle for busy women. Inspired by the founder’s personal story, lani.xo helps people focus on the brighter version of themselves and hope for better days.

We’re invited to collaborate with lani.xo on the creation of the brand’s packaging: a line of products featuring soaps, body butters, bath teas and sugar scrubs.

design strategy

In order to achieve the results the founder was looking for, our team chose to focus on the brand’s mission. We used lani.xo’s purpose as our main guide to design elevated labels that anchors the brand in simplicity, self care, and gentleness.

The end-product is a line that appeals to the consumers both visually and emotionally by using a combination of calming colors, clean fonts and concise messaging.

We also supported lani.xo with a set of social media graphics and custom icons that helps them to showcase the benefits of their products in an elegant and friendly way.


Catspring is a woman-owned Texan brand offering their customers high-quality tea, producing in-house various blends from a southern plant called Yaupon. The brand is positioned at the crossroads of trendy beverages and classic traditions and promotes an organic and sustainable line.


We worked with Catspring’s team on the revamp of their tea collection packaging. An important design task was creating a clean and informative label that aligned with Catspring’s stylistic concept and kept consistency across a variety of packaging options. The box design carefully arranges the information about each tea blend to make it readable and elegant. The goal was to keep the essence of Catspring, elevating the brand and making it desirable in upscale markets throughout the US.

The end result looks original and trendy, carrying a typeface choice that enhances the brand with organic and clear elements.


We also worked with Catspring to refresh the company’s website. 

The website theme was carefully built with minimalism in mind, effectively highlighting the products in different packaging colors and telling their story with beautiful typography and a custom-made layout.

To keep up with the external consistency and recognizable patterns of the homepage, the website uses a stylish and minimalist sticky header, with the brand element in the center, a shopping bag button in the right corner and links to core navigation below.

Custom icons were design to showcase Catspring’s highlighted features, such as organic, kosher, sustainable and non-gmo.



This gallery showcases our experience with AI image generation. The images have been created during brainstorm sessions for projects, and sometimes just for fun. They have not been edited in any way - what you see is the pure product of our imagination working together with AI to create something truly unique.

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