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Branding adds the missing ingredient for your company to grow with profitability and a real competitive edge.

Is your business just one in the midst of a sea of competitors?

New business appears every minute and the quality of what you sell doesn’t seem to be that relevant. Customers give up easily and require more and more effort to be convinced. With each passing day, you run the risk of shrinking your profit margin further to secure a sale, and you find yourself surviving – not living – off your business, resorting to Tiktok dances rather than simply doing what you do best.

Until your business enters the sad statistic of new companies that close in the first 3 yearsaccording to JP Morgan Chase Institute.

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Relevant brands, all of them, have this component called Branding, capable of setting them apart from competitors. Branding is more accessible than you might think. It’s not innovation, price or even a secret formula. It’s about telling a captivating story that compels your audience and makes them see what you offer.

Branding is about creating a tribe of people who are proud to relate to your company. Strategic Branding is about building a brand with intent.

And we know exactly how we can help you boost your business.


The Strategic Branding

Number One

Convey the best in you.

Number Two

You are unique. Your essence can’t be copied.

Experience can’t be imitated. Have the best one.

With our Branding work, you discover the best you have to offer, how to offer it and, above all, who to offer it to, moving from being a player to being the player.

You make room in the market to express your voice and let your tone capture those who need the feel your company offers.

It’s no longer about speed, low price or how modern you are: branding is about the Experience you offer.

Applying a branding strategy means being excellent from beginning to end. Your business can’t promise an amazing experience and not deliver. From start to finish, you need to be ready to commit.

Branding is for:

Branding is not for:

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Using the insights from our discovery session, we’ll get a crystal clear context of your business, allowing us to design a brand that is unique and exciting. The brand deliverables are actionable items to be used to drive your brand success.

You will receive:

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We help you to materialize your Branding with the design of a complete Brand Visual Identity, aligned with your essence, capable of enchanting your clients and inspiring them to get to know your experience.

In addition to the Brand Strategy deliverables, you’ll receive:

Once you enter the Portico, the sky’s the limit.

You can count on our team to keep your Branding always relevant, consistent and aligned with the soul of your company. We’ll respect your brand’s visual identity and ensure that all your company’s communication and design needs are met in the highest standard of quality, efficiency and punctuality that are the hallmarks of The Copper Portico, according to more than 30 clients.

This is a recurring service that offers you the Branding Strategy, Brand Identity Design, in addition to your company's Brand Management and Communication. You will lead with your vision, and we will be right behind you.

Businesses We Helped

Commom Threads
We collaborated with Common Threads, a national non-profit committed to celebrating different cultures through food, while also promoting the importance of health and wellness. Common Threads aspires to build communities that embrace healthy cooking, healthy eating and celebration of culture.
Lids Babe
As an artist, creative director and storyteller, Lidia Pineda offers curated experiences to those willing to experience their own divinity through creativity. We had the honor of working with Lids on her brand identity, and it was very rewarding to see her vision expand and take form. This project won MUSE Creative Awards: Season 1, Gold, in 2022.
University of Miami
The University of Miami, aiming for excellence since it was established in Florida, has sought to update itself in the face of today, communicating its essence as a vibrant and diverse academic community.

Don't wait for luck to decide the success of your business.

Build your brand with intention.

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