South Florida, US | 2022 | Wellness

Well is a holistic acupuncture center based in Florida.


Well is a holistic acupuncture center based in Florida. The Copper Portico was invited to revamp Well’s brand identity and our primary goal was to deliver a clean and modern logo that conveyed lightness, keeping in mind their expertise and audience demographics.

design strategy

The logo was based on a butterfly, a symbol important to the founder, designed in an abstract and organic way. The symbol was built by superimposing two inverted lines to represent the connection between body/mind and give the idea of ​​balance and movement, inspired by the concept of yin and yang. Acupuncture aims to restore balance in the body (a yang therapy that moves from the outside to the inside), while other therapies, such as herbal and nutritional, are yin (moving from the inside to heal the entire body).

We chose a bold typography for the name to convey an authentic and encouraging personality; it has serifs, referring to experience, confidence and wisdom, yet the corners and general shape are rounded, giving it a friendly and cozy vibe. The lowercase name was also thought to reinforce this idea. The tagline typography follows a clean and minimalistic geometry, like the butterfly symbol.

For the colors, we chose turquoise and added orange in a peach hue as a pop of color, bringing optimism to the brand. In the symbol, the turquoise and orange gradient adds a flow of internal and external energy as part of the logo’s symbolism.