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The Win Woman

November 29, 2021
Our intention while designing The Win Woman’s brand was to create a classic, clean and elegant look that would transmit strength and empowerment in a gentle way.


The brand name carries a lot of strength and meaning, and we thought that a more elaborated typography would better convey the idea of ​​victory, triumph, and success. We chose a serif font for the elegance and power it expresses, but kept the lines thin, with some curves, for a delicate and feminine aesthetic.
the win woman brand identity
the win woman brand identity
For the symbol, we created a monogram with the letter W inspired by Wonder Woman’s two Ws.  An overlay was created with the two letters – the overlapping lines bringing the idea of ​​team, community and union, which is part of the brand’s mission and clientele.


A symbol added to this monogram was the diamond, which is associated with victory, light, and commitment. It brings forward the founder’s statement that each victory is important and deserves to be highlighted. The diamond was placed at the top of the symbol, as if it emerged from the four columns in the Ws (which would be the challenges, the paths, opportunities). The diamond is the victory, after one has risen from the circumstances.


For the colors, we loved the idea of ​​navy blue and bronze – it is such a classic combination that conveys a lot of confidence and professionalism. In addition, bronze also relates to victories, medals and trophies. We chose coral as a third color, to be used on details of the brand identity.