Life of Joï

Miami, US | 2022 | Apparel

Life of Joï is a start-up business focused on fun and fashionable apparel for children.


Life of Joï is a start-up business focused on fun and fashionable apparel for children. Our goal was to create an authentic brand identity that would resonate with kids and their parents, look great in different applications, and keep them ahead of the competition.

Design Strategy

We started this project by designing a custom typographic logo with a clean and bold style to convey clarity and objectivity. The set of logo variations created the foundation of a strong, recognisable brand that is appealing to parents and children alike.

The typography was a very important choice: we wanted it to convey sophistication through a clean form that communicated well with the public and conveyed the essence of the brand. A traditional sans serif font wouldn’t be able to do this on its own, so we created a custom typeface to bring fluidity, warmth, optimism, and joy to the project. For the supporting typography, we opted for a less rounded version to bring some formality.

The brand symbol came from a reduction of the typographic logo, creating an emoji with a happy face that makes a direct connection with the brand name.

The color palette was chosen in Pantone, already thought to facilitate the printing of packaging, tags, and additional brand collateral. We chose dark gray, white and ivory as primary colors. For the secondary ones, we selected blue with caramel, an elegant combination that brings energy to the project in a light way, through the calm of blue and the warmth of caramel. 

The chosen colors are a different take from the usual aesthetics of pastel tones for children’s brands. Pastel colors will enter the project as tertiary (4 colors), anticipating the company’s future needs for development of product lines and advertising. The chosen pastel tones contrast well with gray, terracotta, and white.