Imperative Therapy

Miami, US | 2021 | Wellness

Tijuana Toledo is a Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapist (TF-CBT) and Life Coach.


We worked with Tijuana Toledo on the brand identity and website design for her company, Imperative Therapy & Coaching.

We started the creative process with the word metamorphosis in mind, aiming to create a concept that conveys transformation.

The transformation vision came to life with a loop – starting in one way and ending in another. The loop incorporates Tijuana’s initials, starting thinner and finishing thicker, giving the idea of movement and change.

For the logo format, we imagined an eye, a focus, representing the now and attention to the moment and to life. The lines are connected, to bring the idea of connection between coach and coachee. The concept was to use two colors, blue and gold, in different shades and gradients, to intensify the intention of change and transformation.