Gaby Guzman

miami, us | 2021 | coaching

Gaby Guzman provides coaching services to women who know that the work is deeper than just business strategy. We revamped Gaby's brand, bringing a modern and friendly touch to her visuals, showcasing her magic and maturity.


We’re excited to work with Gaby Guzman on the revamp of her personal brand. Our goal was to create a modern, elegant and friendly logo that had a balance between magic and maturity. It was inspired by nature, vision, and the quest for direction.


One of the elements present in the base of her logo is a branch with three leaves, bringing the concept of earth and roots, and communicating a sense of stability, support and security. The leaf in the center also represents the iris of an eye, which is a powerful symbol linked to extrasensory perception. The iris aludes to Gaby seeing a client as a whole person, with a full life.

We’re inspired to bring the universe to Gaby’s brand identity, signifying creativity, dreams and lighting. A star was placed at the very top and dotted lines were added around the entire logo, inspired by the sun’s brightness and giving the idea of a compass, which guides the way.