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File Filter

November 29, 2021

FileFilter is an intelligence platform that discovers, organizes and evaluates personal injury cases, minimizing the time needed for attorneys to prepare documents for their clients.

We worked with the founder to design a clean, modern and minimalist brand identity, using the concept of the software itself: to deliver information in an organized and summarized way.

Our idea was to have the dots represent a mesh, half of which are represented by larger dots followed by smaller ones, as if they were actually being filtered. The larger dots were designed in a pattern that formed the letter F; and they also represent the idea of gathering information.

The smaller dots represent organized and systematized information. Through the colors, we formed three horizontal lines, an idea that also relates to the idea of filtering, processes and steps. At the top we have the collected information, which is broader, and at the bottom, the filtered product.

We chose a clean sans serif typography, also inspired by something uncomplicated and objective, playing with weights to create contrast between the words File and Filter. For the colors, we chose shades of blue and green, which are linked to technology and the medical field and convey confidence, experience and professionalism.

FileFilter Brand Identity Design
FileFilter Brand Identity Design