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Blue Skai Healing

November 26, 2021

We developed the brand identity for BlueSkai Healing, a holistic company based in New Jersey offering AO energy scans, reiki, sound healing, Emotion Code, and other powerful healing modalities.

The logo for BlueSkai Healing was inspired by the seed of life, symbolizing the connection of life on earth and universal existence. In the center, the design was inspired by the North Star and created with an overlay of triangles, a geometric shape that spiritually represents a path to growth and enlightenment. The star symbolizes a path to light, transformation and connection; it is a landmark in the sky (reference to the brand name), which determines the direction with its intense glow.

BlueSkai Healing Brand identity
BlueSkai Healing Brand identity

For colors, we chose vibrant tones of blue and orange. Blue represents the blue sky, literally, and is also a color associated with stability, tranquility and loyalty; orange is an energetic color that represents enthusiasm, creativity and stimulation.