Adrianna Foster

Miami, us | 2021 | coaching

Adrianna Foster is a hypnotherapist and motivational singer. She was featured at The Voice, Telemundo, in 2019, and her work is deeply rooted in spirituality.


Adrianna Foster is a motivational singer and speaker who fosters purpose, creativity and joy so others can break through. She is also a Clinical Hypnotherapist and helps her clients achieve tangible transformation and behavioral healing.

design strategy

Adrianna’s brand design was inspired by the symbolism of pyramids and shells. The main shape for the emblem is represented by the triangle, as an allusion to the pyramid, a sacred shape that symbolizes balance and harmony and represents the body, mind and spirit. The pyramid has the ability to channel energy, and it is believed that being inside one facilitates the connection with intuition and higher beings.

Inside the triangle, an open shell inside a circle projecting past the edge of the triangle was illustrated as a symbolism for transformation that goes beyond awareness. The shells have a direct relationship with the sea and the goddess Iemanjá (Yemoja), and the central circle was designed based on the symbolism of the pearl. The pearl’s symbolism is linked to water and the moon, femininity, creativity and purity. The idea of having an open shell with a pearl inside also alludes to Adrianna’s work, which allows her clients to open up to transformation. As it has an abstract design, the logo also alludes to the sun shining, and an open eye.

The color palette chosen for the brand is based on red, gold, light blue and gray colors. Red was chosen for its association with energy and determination. Combined with gold, they bring strength and creativity to the brand. Gold inspires knowledge, spirituality and a deep understanding of oneself and the soul. The blue is related to the sea, and in a lighter tone brings lightness to the project; and gray is a neutral color that adds formality and professionalism.