Acadia Dance Festival

Acadia, US | 2020 | dance company

We collaborated with the founder of Nimbus Dance Works to design the logo for Acadia Dance Festival, which brings world-class dance to Mount Desert Island, in Maine, and includes works premiered at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM).


With a repertory of over 30 works, Nimbus performs on tour nationally, impacting 16,000 people each year. They’re known for structured and musical dances that evoke deep-rooted emotional connection.

design strategy

The logo was inspired by Acadia National Park, one of the most beautiful and beloved parks in the United States. It features a pine tree and the brand’s secondary colors evoke the beauty of Acadia’s nature.

The breaking wave was inspired by the city skyline, with different sized buildings, and its silhouette at both the sunrise and sunset. The sun was highlighted for being a very strong symbol of light and energy, related to higher consciousness, knowledge and the constant search for fulfillment.

All these elements were gathered in a way that the overall logo would resemble a profile view of a flamingo, a tropical bird that has great abilities to live in groups, representing social nature and the desire to create community bonds.

The color palette chosen for the brand has different shades of brown and gray, neutral colors that evoke a sense of strength, reliability and commitment, and that together give the brand a sophisticated and experienced look.